Second Permanent Secretary Recruitment

Applications closed

The Second Permanent Secretary, jointly with the Permanent Secretary, will represent HMT at the highest level. They will lead on the engagement with stakeholders, which will likely include senior leaders in the business and financial sectors, as well as Ministers, and other senior civil servants across government

Foreword from Tom Scholar, Permanent Secretary

Thank you for your interest in this role. Leading the Treasury in this job offers an exciting opportunity to be part of the decision making that affects the whole of the UK, from the heart of government. This is a exceptional chance to have a real impact as the second most senior official in the UK’s economics and finance ministry.

The Treasury plays a major convening role at the centre of government on a broad range of issues. Our work ranges from managing public spending and taking strategic oversight of the UK tax system, to setting the conditions for sustainable economic growth, leading on financial services policy and managing macroeconomic and financial stability. In the last couple of years, among other things, we have played a major role in the UK’s response to the pandemic, including through designing and launching the furlough scheme; taken action to reduce energy bills; and played a leading role in the international effort to impose financial sanctions on Russia. In all that we do, we work closely with other departments, the wider public and private sectors including the regulators, and other governments to ensure public money is spent well and to drive strong and sustainable economic growth.

As a member of the Treasury’s Executive Management Board (EMB), which acts as the collective leadership of the Treasury, the Second Permanent Secretary and EMB colleagues will be expected to actively and visibly shape the department’s forward work plan and monitor and manage the delivery of the whole range of Treasury business. This will include horizon-scanning and addressing risks, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently and flexibly to priorities, in the best interests of the Treasury as a whole. This is an exciting and challenging time for the Treasury, and we are looking for an exceptional candidate to take on this role.

Tom Scholar
Permanent Secretary
HM Treasury